Radi Paynter - BSc (Nutrition), Postgrad. Dip (Dietetics). APD. AN

Health. What determines it? Is it the food we eat, the water we drink, or can it be more than that?

I believe we are what we eat, but we are also the direct result of the belief patterns we hold and repeat. I believe we have far more to gain than simply what's on our plate, and that's why I work with both Nutrition and ITA Energy Medicine.

Deepest gratitude goes out to Melaney Ryan, founder of the Australian StillPoint Institute. Since being introduced to ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation I have reconnected with my truth and ignited my passion in self-development- to assist others (and myself) towards self-realization and self-embodiment.

Utilising both Western and Eastern medicine, I am able to draw on the positives from both angles. This results inΒ a wholesome approach to assist the re-alignment of health and wellness.

My goal is to assist others in their own self-healing towards optimal health and well-being. To recognise the greatness that already resides in them: remembering who they truly are. To feel empowered to step forward in life and enjoy more meaningful experiences.

Why? Because by doing so, I also remind myself of these truths. It's a win-win πŸ™‚

Truth is, everything we need is already here. We are simply veiled at times of this reality, we get caught up in the small wheel of life, repeating our 'stories' and loose sight of what's really important.

So what is important?

To have as many beautiful and meaningful experiences while we're here. To feel a deep sense of gratitude and respect for the gift of life, and to engage with all the people, places and experiences that bring us unity and joy. And to also give back- to share these reminders for more people to feel and step into.

I hope if anything, these words may place a seed somewhere for you πŸ™‚ And If what I'm saying resonates then I would love to work with you on your health and wellness journey.

Reach out and get in touch πŸ™‚